Letter of thanks from the Prefect

September 15, 2013
Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary  

Dearest Friends,

On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Most Holy Cross, we celebrated together the very first Missa Cantata in the parish of Star of the Sea for almost 50 years. This fact alone should give us tremendous joy knowing that through the countless work and sacrifices that all of us attached to the Extraordinary Form of the One Roman Rite has done and shared, we can truly say that Tradition can once again blossom in our little part of San Francisco.

In this letter, I would like to thank everyone who gave their time and talent to help with the Luncheon that the TLM Society hosted. To all our supporters and benefactors and all the regular anonymous donors, thank you for all the help, generosity and encouragement. To the people who in their busy lives managed and helped us in any way possible, thank you and may you continue in your generosity. I would like to mention especially the School Principal, Mr. Terry Hanley, and the students of Star of the Sea School who helped set up the auditorium in the morning of Friday. I would like to thank Mrs. Nati Martin, Ms. Ann Martin and the ladies of her team for all their work and gracious hospitality to everyone who attended. The Knights of the Most Holy Trinity as well through the guidance of Mr. Andrew Benton, thank you for all that you and your group strive for. A special mention also goes to our Schola Director, Mr. Peter Ujj, and the entire Stella Maris Schola, your singing has always been a joy to hear and as one visiting priest once said “our low masses are the highest low mass he has ever celebrated” thanks to your constant improvement. I would also like to thank the Legion of Mary especially their officers, Ms. Puri, Ms. Elizabeth, and Cameron for the welcome and gracious help they have offered the TLM Society.

I would also like to give much gratitude to the Rev. Fr. Mark Mazza for all his kindness and paternal care. Your unconditional support and humble guidance to us can never be thanked for enough. To our officers Anna Guerra and Jay Balza, thank you for all that you do and all your sacrifices for the betterment of the TLM Society. Your hard work behind the scenes is always appreciated. To Ed our Sacristan and Ms. Thelma of the Altar Society, thank you for your work and unyielding support.

Each one of you is a beacon of goodwill and Christian charity, thank you!

Our work has only begun, it does not end and we cannot lose sight of our goal which is the Glorification of God and his Holy Church. Our sacrifices may be different but all of them form a single symphony of praise. Please do not tire and lose hope. We will encounter stumbling blocks on the way but we cannot let ourselves cave in to despair. Let us pray more fervently for each other and for the work that we do.

May Mary, Star of the Sea, guide us always on our path to Christ our Blessed Redeemer.

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

AJ Garcia

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