Traditional Latin Mass Society of SF meets Traditional Catholic Priest

I met Father Peter Carota last summer, June 29, 2013, when I attended the Pallium Ceremony where our very own, his Excellency, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone received his pallium.

It was an interesting meeting… I was with other San Francisco pilgrims for the event. Father Tom Martin (St Pius X Parish in Redwood City) wanted pictures wearing a cappello romano (roman hat). Low and behold there was a priest that had one on. We approached that priest and asked if he would allow Fr. Martin to borrow it. Afterwards, we all walked together from the Vatican to the NAC just talking about the traditional Latin Mass. I told him about our Society and then he told me about his blog. (

A new friendship began…

A few days ago, in Father Carota’s blog, he said that he was in California (he lives in Arizona) and will be celebrating Mass (10:30am) on Thanksgiving Day at San Juan Bautista Mission. I decided to attend. I have not seen him since June. It’s been a long time since I visited the Mission too. I thought, why not take a drive! (1.5 hours drive)

Thanksgiving Day, I started my morning very early, driving to Star of the Sea to pick up the vestment set, altar cards, the bells and other items needed for the EF Mass in San Juan Bautista Mission. After all we are the TLM of SF and that’s what we do. Support the Latin Mass. When a priest needs items to celebrate the EF and we have the items available to lend, they can borrow it. It’s one aspect of our apostolate.

Jay Balza also attended the EF Mass with his wife and son. We both took pictures and even videotaped the Holy Mass. Some of the pictures can be viewed below and in our photo gallery. The video of the mass will be posted soon.

We presented Father Carota with an early Christmas gift from the Society. Mystic Monk Coffee Christmas Blend 2013!! Which by the way we will be still selling for the next few weeks!

We also passed out our Sunday bulletin to the people that attended Mass. Some heard about us but most had no clue we exist. They do now! There was a gentleman that approached us and even wanted to start a TLM group in their area. We will be emailing him shortly.

San Juan Bautista is not in our Archdiocese, but they are still within The Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Province of San Francisco which covers Northern California north of the Monterey Bay, as well as all of Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. That’s our vision for the Society, to reach out to the suffragan dioceses under the Metropolitan Province. Letting them know who we are and what we do. And hopefully they will be part of the TLM Society.

Please remember our Society in your prayers and the continual growth of the Traditional Latin Mass in the Metropolitan Archdiocese of San Francisco.

God Bless,

Anna Guerra
The Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco

P.S. Thanks to Father Carota for posting about the Thanksgiving Mass and the Society on his blog!

IMG_9145Mass cards lent by the Society


Elevation of the Host

IMG_9170Elevation of the Chalice


  With Fr. Peter Carota and altar servers


Families that attended the Thanksgiving Mass


Fr. Peter Carota holding our TLM Bulletin!!


Mystic Monk Coffee gift!


Jay Balza’s Family with Fr. Peter Carota

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