Web Developer, Publisher & Aspiring Moral Theologian Seeking Full-time Employment

I write to your blog in hopes of connecting with a reader who would benefit from my talents. Invigorated by the Church’s focus on the New Evangelization, my career goal is to harness my knowledge of theology and technology to disseminate the good news of Christ to the world–online, in print and in word.
My career of learning and working at the same time for the past decade has taught me the value of time management, strategic direction and performance output. In the past six years, I have been responsible for the public face of several businesses and non-profits, from designing email campaigns to implementing online and social media outreach. While studying world religions stateside and abroad, I simultaneously supported myself by developing websites and printed materials for monks, magazines and restaurants. If I was not able to produce convincing presentations for potential donors, investors or clientele, I could not afford to study. In these same positions I also gradually took on the tasks of proofing text for publication, photo editing, synthesizing ideas between clientele, translating between languages and tackling technical problems related to both front- and back-end server malfunctions, database management and weekly backups.
My dedication, attention to detail and action-driven work ethic has paid off in many ways. My flagship development work with non-profits has raised over $250,000 for one institution; using those same skills, I have been able generate thousands of dollars and dramatically increased web traffic for other clients. I encourage you to view a sample of some of my work at homertwigg.com/portfolio and see what eye-catching and effective media outreach efforts I have initiated and managed recently.
Thank you in advance,
Homer L. Twigg IV

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