We need your help to promote the EF Mass

Ash Wednesday


Dear Friends living in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the entire ecclesiastical province of San Francisco. Its suffragans include the Dioceses of Honolulu, Las Vegas, Oakland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Stockton.


Please email us at TLMofSF@gmail.com with the EF Mass times for Ash Wednesday and also if there are special EF Masses during Lent at your parish.  Send us the name of the parish, address and EF Mass times. 


We will post the information on our website. 


Thank you in advance for helping us  inform others interested in the Traditional Latin Mass

One thought on “We need your help to promote the EF Mass

  1. I spoke to Father Young who will have Ash Wed at St Vincent’s, and Triduum Th, Fri then Sat also St Vincent’s. I will get you the Mass times… Also, as Anna requested, I took about 8 TLMS bulletins and put them on the table at Immaculate Conception before the 5pm Sunday EF Mass, they were all gobbled up by end of mass. God Bless, Andrew

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