The 42nd Annual United For Life Banquet

The 42nd Annual UFL Banquet on May 3 at the United Irish Cultural Center.  United for Life has been indispensable to the 40 Days for Life campaigns here in San Francisco, by providing financial support for the past 5 years and again this year.  UFL also supports and sponsors many other Pro-Life initiatives in the Bay area.

        The Banquet Keynote speaker is Dr. Paul Byrne, President of Catholic Physicians for Life.  He will be exposing the shocking secret behind the diagnosis of “Brain Death”, and how this is being used by the medical profession and the hospitals to hasten the deaths of elderly, disabled, and handicapped patients.  And how this fits right in to the “Death Panels” of Obamacare.   Dr. Byrne will also disclose how this arbitrary “Brain Dead” diagnosis is related to the harvesting of organs for transplants.  He was recently, prominently involved in the  case in Oakland of the 13 year old girl who was declared “Brain Dead”.  He was instrumental in her rescue from that death sentence.  The information he will share is vital for our survival in this new world of “Health Care”, especially for the elderly.
Click below for flyer.


The 42nd Annual UFL Banquet

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