Infant King Meditation: Holy Simplicity – How to Solve the Needless Complications of Life



Holy Simplicity: How to Solve the Needless Complications of Life
In the Footsteps of Our Infant King” Monthly Meditation (

Life is complicated. Whether you are filing your taxes, filling out a job application, or going to a family reunion, life is complicated. However, many times we complicate situations needlessly. How many times we allow ourselves to become complicated, only to make matters worse. To find peace of soul in a complicated world, we need that holy virtue so dear to St. Francis de Sales, patron of the Institute. We need the virtue of holy simplicity.

St. Francis de Sales emphasizes that holiness is to be found in what he calls the “little virtues.” These virtues are well within our reach to practice every day such as charity, gentleness, humility, patience, as well as simplicity. Of these little virtues, simplicity might be the one that we don’t understand so well. For this reason, simplicity is perhaps overlooked, but it is so very important for the complicated world in which we live.

[Continue reading here. To submit your Novena Intentions at the Shrine of Christ the King (intentions received before the 15th are remembered in the current month’s novena) , go here.]

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