Feature of the Week: We Are Praying for Priests

Started as a Facebook group, We Are Praying for Priests was formed as a tribute to Bona F. Mangabat, who loved to pray and give support for priests. She died on May 7, 2011, and her daughter, Kisset (Heart Margarita), continued her legacy in supporting by prayers not only priests, but also religious, deacons and seminarians. By taking advantage of social media networks (primarily through facebook), the group has grown considerably in size. As of today, May 7, 2014, the group already has 6,854 members composed of both clergy and lay faithful coming from different countries all over the globe. Facebook postings vary from news articles about priests to special sacerdotal anniversary greetings. Oftentimes, prayer requests are also posted. On certain weeks, their facebook cover photo page highlights various communities of priests and religious.



On the occasion of their third anniversary, one of the group administrators, Chinkee Herrera, created the logo above. A symbol of prayer, which the group focuses on. Rosary symbolizes the prayer which the Blessed Virgin Mary has taught to help priests in their ministry. The stole represents the bonds and fetters which Jesus was bound during his Passion and Death. It is the sign which denotes the duty of the priest to spread the word of God. The hand above the praying hands denotes the sign of Jesus blessing as seen in most pictures and images. MMXI represents the roman numerals for 2011, the year We Are Praying for Priests was formed. Everyone is encouraged to check out any of the links below and join!


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