From the Assistant Chaplain | 3rd Sunday after Easter – May 11, 2014


May is the month of motherhood. Spring teems with the beautiful new life of flowers and sunshine and warmth. We honor our natural mothers on the civic holiday today of Mother’s Day. And, most of all, we honor our common Mother, the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It’s beautiful to see this celebration of motherhood become a kind of crescendo of praise to Mary. The flowers of spring adorn with beauty our natural mothers and their fruitfulness in our lives. And these same natural mothers become, in their own way, both by nature and grace, living tributes of praise to the Perfect Mother and most pure Virgin. By living their motherhood in its natural and supernatural dimensions, Christian mothers can imitate and honor Our Lady, making her

present in our lives in a concrete way – the way flowers make present our love for our dear mothers.

May is the month for our crowning of Blessed Mary with the flowers of spring. We do this solemnly in our May processions and devotions. Yet it is far more important for us to do this spiritually and mystically by honoring her with hearts full of Divine Love. We crown our Mother spiritually especially in the devout and loving recitation of the Holy Rosary. How can we not crown her daily during the month dedicated to her Virginal Fruitfulness?

If we pray the Rosary daily, this is a sufficient life of prayer and meditation for us. Here we have a living relationship of Divine Love with Christ through His Mother. We call upon her as her faithful children, trusting in her maternal love for us, and asking to be conformed to her virginal heart. We enter her heart by meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, which she keeps in her heart as her priceless treasure of faith.

If we pray the Rosary daily starting today, Mother’s Day, we will become fruitful virgin mothers spiritually after the heart of Mary. As Jesus said, “If you do the will of my Father in Heaven, you are…mother to me.” This is the great Christian dignity revealed by our Blessed Mother. When we give our hearts entirely to Christ, He makes us fruitful spiritually unto our own salvation and the salvation of others. This is the full meaning of the fruitful beauty of May. This is why God made flowers and sunshine and mothers. Celebrate well this month of Mary. She wants to keep us in her virginal womb until we are born to eternal life.

Fr. Joseph Previtali

Assistant Chaplain

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