Tucson May 11, 2014 St Gianna Oratory ICKSP

I drove two hours to attend the EF High Mass in Tucson. St Gianna Oratory, which is an ICKSP parish. The rector is Canon Richard Von Meneshengen. I brought our weekly bulletin and our prayer cards with our coat of arms to pass out. People were surprised that we have so many EF Masses in the SF Bay Area. As always, a beautiful Mass. I had permission from Canon to take photos and video record the Holy Mass. I will be posting more photos on Smugmug soon and also the video on YouTube. After the Holy Mass, I had lunch with Canon Von Menshengen.  I told him about our Society and what’s happening. He told me how he was called to the priesthood.  It was wonderful to meet him. I will write more when I return home. Writing on a mini iPad is a wee bit difficult!

Update as of today (May 12, 2014), the photos from the St. Gianna Oratory can be viewed in our smugmug photo gallery!
image image image image


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