Guestbook for the Cordileone family


If you would like to write a message of condolence to our Archbishop and the Cordileone family and relatives on the passing of Mrs. Mary Cordileone, you can sign the guestbook here: — Yes, you can even add or record a video message then upload on the website!

2 thoughts on “Guestbook for the Cordileone family

  1. Your Excellency,
    We are so grieved to hear of the loss of your dear mother. Our prayers are with you and your family at this time. We will pray for the repose of her soul. Requiescat in pace.

  2. To your Grace and all the Cordileone family, We send our deepest sympathy and our heartfelt prayers for you all during this difficult time. We are most confident that The Holy Ghost will give you the strength and the tranquility of mind and spirit that you will need for these days of bereavement. We also will offer prayers of intercession to the Mother of priests and of the Church as we ask Our Lady to give you all that consolation that only a mother can give. God bless and keep you and lead you by the waters of comfort.

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