Anglican Use

Our Lady of The Atonement Catholic Church (Anglican Use) May 16, 2014 San Antonio, Texas
Here are some photos I took at today’s Mass with Fr Christopher Phillips video will be posted when I return to San Francisco. More photos on our smugmug account

The Mass itself was beautiful. A deacon was assisting along with several altar BOYS. The altar boys genuflect not bowing, they are paying attention to the Mass, Mass is chanted, the priest is wearing a maniple, the fingers of the priest after consecrating are together. Did I mention the Mass was in Latin!  When it came to Holy Communion, there was NO EOMHC present (thank God). Another priest came to assist with Holy Communion. Everyone knelt for Communion at the rail and received on the tongue. It was awesome! 

This is how the Novus Ordo should be celebrated. Just think if every Catholic parish celebrates Mass as it was intended to be celebrated…we would have parishes over flowing like Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church. 



image image image image image

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