Urgent prayer request for two priests (one killed, one in critical condition)



Fr Joseph Terra, FSSP at the rectory of Mater Misericordiae Mission Parish, May 2014

While any of our photos and videos may be freely posted on other blogs and websites, we are only requesting an acknowledgement / credit to be given to the Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco with a link to our website (http://sanctatrinitasunusdeus.com).

We are very troubled and saddened to hear the news about a priest killed and another seriously injured. News reports haven’t identified them yet but based on the location where this occurred (Mother of Mercy Mission in Phoenix, AZ), we’re afraid that one of them is a priest friend of ours, Fr. Joseph Terra, FSSP and his associate, Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP. We just visited them last month. Please keep these two priests (as well as the Mater Misericordiae Mission Community) in your prayers!

Update #1  (as of 2:55AM, PST): CNN has a short write-up as well.

Update #2 (as of 3:04AM, PST): According to twitter feeds, Fr. Walker has died and Fr. Terra remains in critical condition. Fr. Kenneth Walker was ordained just two years ago. May his soul rest in peace.


One thought on “Urgent prayer request for two priests (one killed, one in critical condition)

  1. http://www.azcental.com Just now viewed Prayers, yes.

    front page video … why are they laughing?

    I copied this from under the video and am pasting here below: Phoenix Police are investigating a scene near 17th ave and Monroe in downtown Phoenix Wednesday night. Police are telling 12 News that 1 priest was shot and killed. The other is in critical condition. This is a developing story. 12 News

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