Feast of SS. Peter and Paul

Canon Richard von Menshengen, ICKSP St Gianna Oratory, Tucson AZ Photo credit TLM of SF

Canon Richard von Menshengen, ICKSP
St Gianna Oratory, Tucson AZ
Photo credit TLM of SF

Tucson, June 29, 2014

Dear Faithful:

I would like to wish you a very blessed Feast of SS. Peter and Paul, the Princes of the Apostles. Our Lady of Fatima reminds us how important it is to pray for the Holy Father. The Institute of Christ the King, with its Roman Spirit, is naturally most intimately dedicated to the rich Tradition of Holy Mother Church. The Princes of the Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, are witnesses to Christ Who is the Cornerstone of the Church, Who is the Head of His Mystical Body, and Who reigns victoriously, even if at times some dark clouds may hang over the Church.

The Popes are the uninterrupted successors of St. Peter. Each Pope considers himself the “Servant of the Servants of God” and he knows that the Church does not belong to him, but to Christ, and that he is a steward only and must give an account one day to the Master. True humility, faithfulness, courage, perseverance, the uncompromising love for the Truth of our Holy Catholic Faith, together with profound charity and true wisdom, have characterized the saintly Popes of history. The Catholic Church is there where the Pope is, and so we have to be always gathered in mind and heart prayerfully around the Holy Father, and offer sacrifices to the Most Holy Trinity so that he may discharge his Holy Office for the greater glory of God Almighty and for the salvation of souls.

The Holy Sacrifice of Mass will be offered at High Mass today for Our Holy Father Pope Francis. I ask you for your prayers for the four priests, ten deacons and nine sub-deacons who will be ordained for the Institute of Christ the King this week in Florence, Italy. Visit our website at www.institute-christ-king.org and http://www.icrsp.org!

With the assurance of my prayers, Canon Richard von Menshengen

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