Latin Mass Magazine article on Archbishop Cordileone!



The Summer 2014 issue of The Latin Mass magazine has an interview with Archbishop Cordileone titled “Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Leading by Example,” and an accompanying article titled “San Francisco’s Archbishop Cordileone and the Traditional Latin Mass.” The interview and the article are about the significant initiatives Archbishop Cordileone has been taking, including steps to make the Extraordinary Form of the Mass more widely available in the San Francisco Archdiocese and to improve the quality of liturgies in the Ordinary Form.

In the interview, Archbishop Cordileone talked about how the former pastor of Star of the Sea, Fr. Mark Mazza, educated parishioners about the Extraordinary Form of the Mass after the archbishop asked Fr. Mazza to start celebrating at Star of the Sea on Sunday mornings, and he cited Fr. Mazza’s excellent catechesis about the validity of both forms of the Mass as a model for how the EF Mass should be introduced. The article also mentions the Oratory of St. Philip Neri that is currently being formed at Star of the Sea and the experience of the new pastor, Fr. Joseph Illo, with the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, along with news about several other changes the archbishop has made to the liturgical and spiritual landscape of the Bay Area.

The Latin Mass Magazine interview and article written by Roseanne Sullivan can be viewed here.

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