Spiritual Bouquet for Archbishop Cordileone


Spiritual Bouquet for the Archbishop

You are of course aware that Archbishop Cordileone has been beat up in the press quite a bit lately, for his support of Father Illo at Star of the Sea who is phasing out altar girls, and for the language change to the teacher contract at Catholic schools. A petition is circulating to support the Archbishop and everyone should sign it.

Meanwhile, it would be great to deliver the Archbishop a different sign of support—a spiritual bouquet. In short this consists of prayers offered to the Archbishop on his behalf. These are usually rosaries, but could be Masses offered, hours from Divine Office, etc. I will collect the names, types, and numbers of prayers, and present them to the Archbishop. Because my wife works for him it will not be a problem to get the names into his hands.

What to Do

To join the spiritual bouquet, please send an email no later than February 16th to spiritualbouquet@yahoo.com with the following information:

1. Name(s) of participants
2. The types of prayers to be offered (per person)
3. The number of prayers to be offered (per person)

I will send one follow up email to the list to confirm he has received the list, after which I will not use your email address for anything else related to this.

A single rosary takes about 20 minutes, so if you offer three rosaries you are spending an hour praying for our Archbishop!

This is going out to a group of people I know, but please feel free to forward on to anyone who might be interested. As the season of Septuagesima moves on into Lent, now is a great time to ramp up the prayers and there is no better cause!

One thought on “Spiritual Bouquet for Archbishop Cordileone

  1. I am wondering why your organization seems to have separated itself from Star of the Sea since Father Illo took over?  I miss you.  I think everyone misses you, Especially now when our Pastor is under so much fire from the progressive press.  So many of the Latin Mass attendees have also gone back to their original parishes like St. Margaret Mary or Mater Dolorosa.  There are new faces taking their place, but on the surface it does not look like a whole lot of growth…I think we need to be more patient.  But, in the meantime, can you help us?C 

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