Chaplain’s Corner | Quinquagesima Sunday (February 15, 2015)


Today the Church celebrates Quinquagesima (Fifty Days) Sunday, traditionally called “Carnival Sunday” because the Lenten fast for the priests began tomorrow and it was the last day the priests could eat meat (excepting Sundays) until Easter. Quinquagesima Sunday is the third and final Sunday of the season of Septuagesima (Seventy Days), which the Church has kept for more than 1,000 years as a kind of preparation for the solemn fast of Quadregesima (the Forty Days of Lent).

Septuagesima is a vitally important liturgical season because it places before our minds and hearts our depraved sinfulness whereby we have mortally wounded ourselves. In that way, it is a kind of extended meditation on our need for a Savior and on our need for Lent. The Church assists us in this meditation in various ways. As Israel was seventy years in captivity in Babylon, the Church keeps the Seventy Days (63 days is rounded to 70) of preparation for the return to Jerusalem that is Easter. While we are in Babylon, however, we cannot sing the song of the Lord on alien soil, and so we abstain from the Alleluia from Septuagesima Sunday until Easter. This places before our minds the bleak reality of our exile. By our sins, we have left our homeland. During Septuagesima, we keep focused on getting back home.

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Monthly Novena



Lent will soon be upon us – a penitential season of devotion and almsgiving. Through a meditative praying of the novena to the Infant King, let us show our love and devotion to Jesus Christ as He prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice on Calvary in reparation for our sins. Make a spiritual and contrite journey this Lent by joining us at the Shrine of Christ the King and participating in the monthly novena to the Infant King from February 17th to February 25th. The Child Jesus has promised us, “The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you.”

In the spirit of almsgiving, please prayerfully consider offering a candle or flower in honor of the Infant King, as a visible symbol of your love and devotion. Your intentions will be placed at the foot of the altar of Christ our Infant King and will be remembered on the 25th of February during a Solemn High Mass, offered for your petitions.
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Spiritual Bouquet for Archbishop Cordileone


Spiritual Bouquet for the Archbishop

You are of course aware that Archbishop Cordileone has been beat up in the press quite a bit lately, for his support of Father Illo at Star of the Sea who is phasing out altar girls, and for the language change to the teacher contract at Catholic schools. A petition is circulating to support the Archbishop and everyone should sign it.

Meanwhile, it would be great to deliver the Archbishop a different sign of support—a spiritual bouquet. In short this consists of prayers offered to the Archbishop on his behalf. These are usually rosaries, but could be Masses offered, hours from Divine Office, etc. I will collect the names, types, and numbers of prayers, and present them to the Archbishop. Because my wife works for him it will not be a problem to get the names into his hands.

What to Do

To join the spiritual bouquet, please send an email no later than February 16th to with the following information:

1. Name(s) of participants
2. The types of prayers to be offered (per person)
3. The number of prayers to be offered (per person)

I will send one follow up email to the list to confirm he has received the list, after which I will not use your email address for anything else related to this.

A single rosary takes about 20 minutes, so if you offer three rosaries you are spending an hour praying for our Archbishop!

This is going out to a group of people I know, but please feel free to forward on to anyone who might be interested. As the season of Septuagesima moves on into Lent, now is a great time to ramp up the prayers and there is no better cause!

Support Archbishop Cordileone in keeping our schools Catholic!


Support our Archbishop of San Francisco as he moves to protect our children from being taught “error” by either ignorant, the uncatechized or those with an agenda against teaching the Truth in our high schools.

Why is this important?
Parents send their children to Catholic high schools so that they receive clear and correct instruction about God, moral issues and Church doctrine. Teachers who seek employment at a Catholic high school should be well catechized, faithful and willing to teach without error to Church doctrine, the Church’s moral teachings and what it means to serve God. For too long, teachers have been allowed to teach that neither believe or teach on these premises and our children have suffered for it. The salvation of our children’s souls depends on good and holy teaching of the Catholic faith, morals and ethics by their parents and in our Catholic schools.

Sign the online petition here!

Chaplain’s Corner | Feast of St. Valentine (February 8, 2015)


On Saturday, the Church celebrates the ancient feast of St. Valentine, priest of the Roman Church and martyr under the emperor Claudius in the late 3rd century A.D. The story of St. Valentine teaches us how much the Church loves marriage.

At the time of Claudius, the Church was very much persecuted. In addition, Claudius waged many wars and he found his subjects unwilling to participate in the fighting. His theory was that they were too attached to their wives and to their families in order to give their lives for Rome. Thus, he outlawed marriage.

St. Valentine was a holy priest. As a holy priest, he had a great love for the sacrament of marriage and a great desire to see young men and women united in the sacrament so as to form families under the blessing of Almighty God. Therefore, he defied the unjust law of the emperor and witnessed many Christian marriages in secret. For this and other holy “crimes,” he was eventually arrested and beheaded.

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Chaplain’s Corner | Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (February 1, 2015)


Tomorrow, the Church celebrates the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is also the feast of Our Lord’s Presentation in the Temple. Tomorrow, Jesus is 40 days old and leaves Bethlehem with His Mother and foster-father to enter for the Temple. Thus, this is the traditional conclusion of the Christmas season because the Holy Family no longer rests in Bethlehem.

Jesus and Mary have no need to fulfill the Law for, being sinless, they are not subject to it. Our Lady has no need of purification since her conception and giving birth were wholly miraculous and divine. Jesus has no need to be redeemed by two turtle doves or two small pigeons; He is the Author of the Law and the Redeemer of the world. His Blood will more than suffice to redeem all those born of women! With great humility, Jesus and Mary fulfill the Law in order to give us the example of obedience to God in all things and in order to free us from the same Law.

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