2 thoughts on “Press Release regarding Archbishop Cordileone

  1. I support fully and dedicatedly all that Archbishop Sal Cordileone’s position for the Catholic Church in San Francisco and the CATHOLIC SCHOOLS in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. He is worthy man of God, servant and Archbishop, valiant and courageous to put his life and his beliefs on the front line in these very sad times of our Church. It is heart breaking that some Catholic Schools, teachers and professors and even some Catholic Students would do such an horrendus thing to mar the Catholic Church and CAtholic Schools of such a great Archdiocese. I pray more Catholic Faithful and those of San Francisco will soon see the Light they have dimmed out of their life. I pray his priests of his Presbyterate and Auxiliary Bishop stand with him in full support as I do to uphold Catholic Teaching and the authentic Catholic Faith and Beliefs. My prayers for the Archbishop and for the dissenting catholics. God Bless Archbishop Sal+ God Bless the Archdiocese of San Francisco+

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