Mission Report #8 (Institute Missions in Mouila, Gabon, Africa)


Photo Credit: Friendsofthemissions.com

It has been awhile, but we have just received the latest Mission Report #8 (PDF). These mission reports highlight the restoration efforts of the Mission Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus in Mouila, Gabon, Africa, written by Rev. Canon Henry Fragelli. Canon Fragelli briefly served the Institute Apostolate of St. Margaret Mary’s in Oakland a few months from late 2011-2012. The archive of his Mission Reports can be viewed at the Friends of the Missions website (https://friendsofthemissions.com/).

One thought on “Mission Report #8 (Institute Missions in Mouila, Gabon, Africa)

  1. These reports are fascinating. I love reading about the great work Canon Fragelli is doing to help overcome tribal customs that make family life nearly non-existent. Snakes on the front steps, jaguars in the road, car wrecks, miraculous deliveries of food ,,, Someone said Canon Fragelli was going to Gabon to rest up. Hah! More like to use his great zeal to build up the Mission and a community of good Catholics. Thanks TLMSSF for posting these!

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