Chaplain’s Corner | 7th Sunday after Pentecost (July 12, 2015)


July is the Month of the Precious Blood of Jesus. We celebrated this feast in the Extraordinary Form on July 1. The Blood of Jesus is the special object of our meditation and devotion this month, as Our Lady is in May and the Sacred Heart of Jesus is in June.

The Blood of Jesus began as the blood of Mary. We can venerate Mary’s holy blood, made holy by its being hers. At the moment of Jesus’s virginal conception in the womb of Mary, a portion of the blood of Mary was assumed by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and became something totally new. This new thing that God did in Mary is the Divine Blood of Our Savior. We worship this Blood because it is the Blood of God. Indeed, we can say that, because of its union with the Person of the Eternal Word, the Precious Blood is God!

The divine subjectivity of the Blood of Jesus gives His Blood an infinite quality. Not only do we worship It; we trust in It! Indeed, St. Paul tells us that the Blood of Jesus speaks more eloquently than the blood of Abel. Abel’s blood called for vengeance upon the fratricide; Jesus’s Blood cries to Heaven for Mercy upon us Deicides!

The Scriptures love to speak of Jesus as clothed in the radiant garment of His Blood. His Blood is Regal in a Divine way. The Scriptures also urge us to clothe ourselves in Jesus’s Blood. This is the full meaning of our July deviation. By baptism and confession, we are washed clean in the Saving Laver of the Blood of the Lamb of God! If you wish to be washed clean, be baptized! If you are already baptized, make a good and thorough confession every month at least! This is how we become in the Blood of Jesus a beautiful cry for Mercy to Heaven!

Fr. Joseph Previtali

Assistant Chaplain

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