Updates from the Latin Mass Community of St. Catherine’s (Burlingame, CA)

july 26 2015

(1) On the 4th October Sunday (Oct 25) is the Feast of Christ the King (in the 1962 calendar used by the Traditional Latin Mass) and to celebrate, a HIGH Mass at St. Catherine’s is planned, with singing, etc. Anyone interested in singing in that St. Catherine Latin Mass should visit stcatherinelatinmass.org and there is a signup link there. Or you can email Jessica (themunns @ yahoo.com) and she will put you in the email loop regarding that.

(2) Beginning this Sunday, beside having a Rosary in LATIN preceding the Mass (at 5pm), we are going to initiate the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in LATIN after the Mass. We will have the Latin words available. 🙂

So coming:
Sunday, July 26, 2015
5pm – Rosary in Latin
5:30pm – Traditional Tridentine Latin Mass
6:30pm – Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Latin
St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church
1310 Bayswater, Burlingame

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