Chaplain’s Corner | “A Brief Explanation of Some Aspects of the Mass in its Extraordinary Form Series” #1



Benedict XVI in his Motu Proprio (July 2007) encourages all catholics to acquire a ”notable liturgical formation and a deep, personal familiarity with the earlier form of the liturgical celebration”.

We will then explore the theological, historical, devotional, liturgical, ritualistic, architectural, artistic, linguistic, practical, legalistic, mystical… aspects of the august Sacrifice that is known as the Tridentine Rite, the Mass of Saint Pius V or the Extraordinary Form.

Lectors of this column are more than encouraged to submit their questions on the Mass for the good of the whole community.

Ten priests have recently been asked what part of the Mass, words or rubrics, appeal to them in particular. Ten different interesting answers. Father Fabrice Loiseau founder of the Missionary of the Divine Mercy (    answered: “It is a very difficult question. It is like asking a husband what part he prefers in his wife or in his child. They cannot be cut in pieces. Likewise Mass is a indivisible whole. That being said, some particular features are certainly more attractive than others. The prayers at the foot of the Altar appeal to me indeed because at that moment, as we enter the Mystery, I find myself separated form my daily tasks and ready to be elevated above earthly cares. I enter into something greater than me”.

Canon Olivier Meney, ICRSS




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