Lenten Reflection | On Charity

As we begin to move into Lent, I think about what I can to improve myself in the eyes of Christ. What do I need to work on? I thought about my day and thought about what “I could have done.” The thought of charity came to my mind. How charitable was I to my fellow brothers and sisters? It’s easy to be nice and courteous to those whom I like or want to be nice too. But then I thought, “Where is the merit in that?!” Anybody can do that. Charity, like many other noble virtues require a self-immolation or dying to oneself. We must give till it hurts–hurt enough. To die on the cross with Christ for the love of Christ. I must put this into practice when encountering people whom I do not get along with. I must exercise charity in thought, word and actions.  It’s not always easy, but then Jesus dying on the cross for us want easy either, was it?


Thomas Dinh

Guest Writer

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