Chaplain’s Corner | May 1, 2016


Today’s Mass prayers and readings continue to prepare us for the solemn conclusion of the Easter season in the feasts of the Ascending of Jesus and the Descending of the Holy Spirit. Jesus ascends on high, taking our human nature to the glory of Heaven, as our triumphant High Priest. From Heaven, He then clothes us with Power from on high by sending us the Holy Spirit. In this, He makes us one with Him, such that He is our Head and we are His members, and we are closer to Him than we could ever be if He were still on Earth. Thus, one with Him, we can ask the Father for everything in His Name and it will be granted to us.

Our Blessed Mother especially teaches us how we are to live this new life in the Holy Spirit. It was she who especially knew how to ask the Father in the Name of Jesus for the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Her prayers won for the Holy Church this Sending from on high. Blessed Mary is entirely filled with the Holy Spirit and entirely one with Jesus, her Head. She is completely in union with Him, so that she prays with full confidence for all the gifts of salvation and thus, always subordinate to and dependent upon Jesus, is the true Mediatrix of All Graces for us. We celebrated her feast under this title on Friday. On Wednesday, we celebrate her under the aspect of her apparition at Fatima in Portugal, where her basic counsel to us was the constant use of the Holy Rosary. Mary teaches us to pray.

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