Spiritual Bouquet for Archbishop Cordileone


Spiritual Bouquet for the Archbishop

You are of course aware that Archbishop Cordileone has been beat up in the press quite a bit lately, for his support of Father Illo at Star of the Sea who is phasing out altar girls, and for the language change to the teacher contract at Catholic schools. A petition is circulating to support the Archbishop and everyone should sign it.

Meanwhile, it would be great to deliver the Archbishop a different sign of support—a spiritual bouquet. In short this consists of prayers offered to the Archbishop on his behalf. These are usually rosaries, but could be Masses offered, hours from Divine Office, etc. I will collect the names, types, and numbers of prayers, and present them to the Archbishop. Because my wife works for him it will not be a problem to get the names into his hands.

What to Do

To join the spiritual bouquet, please send an email no later than February 16th to spiritualbouquet@yahoo.com with the following information:

1. Name(s) of participants
2. The types of prayers to be offered (per person)
3. The number of prayers to be offered (per person)

I will send one follow up email to the list to confirm he has received the list, after which I will not use your email address for anything else related to this.

A single rosary takes about 20 minutes, so if you offer three rosaries you are spending an hour praying for our Archbishop!

This is going out to a group of people I know, but please feel free to forward on to anyone who might be interested. As the season of Septuagesima moves on into Lent, now is a great time to ramp up the prayers and there is no better cause!

Support Archbishop Cordileone in keeping our schools Catholic!


Support our Archbishop of San Francisco as he moves to protect our children from being taught “error” by either ignorant, the uncatechized or those with an agenda against teaching the Truth in our high schools.

Why is this important?
Parents send their children to Catholic high schools so that they receive clear and correct instruction about God, moral issues and Church doctrine. Teachers who seek employment at a Catholic high school should be well catechized, faithful and willing to teach without error to Church doctrine, the Church’s moral teachings and what it means to serve God. For too long, teachers have been allowed to teach that neither believe or teach on these premises and our children have suffered for it. The salvation of our children’s souls depends on good and holy teaching of the Catholic faith, morals and ethics by their parents and in our Catholic schools.

Sign the online petition here!

SACRA LITURGIA USA Conference (June 1 – 4, 2015)


From Rorate, comes this announcement on an upcoming international conference next year, with our very own Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone as one of the speakers…

June 1-4, 2015, an international conference on liturgical formation in light of the new evangelization will be held in New York, under the title:

Continuing the initiative of Sacra Liturgia 2013, organized by Bishop Dominique Rey (Fréjus-Toulon, France) in Rome, this conference seeks to support the Church’s saving evangelistic and catechetical mission, as well as the continued revitalization of the liturgical life of the Church, especially in the United States.
The sacred liturgy plays a central, vital role in the new evangelization, attracting souls to the heart of Christ and His Church. For the baptized, the sacred liturgy resides at the heart of the Christian faith and life — indeed it is the “source and summit of the life and mission of the Church.” As Bishop Rey stated at the opening of the 2013 conference in Rome, “The sacred liturgy is not a hobby for specialists. It is central to all our endeavors as disciples of Jesus Christ. This profound reality cannot be overemphasized. We must recognize the primacy of grace in our Christian life and work, and we must respect the reality that in this life the optimal encounter with Christ is in the Sacred Liturgy.”
The conference brings together a wide range of renowned international speakers including Raymond Cardinal Burke; Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (San Francisco); Dom Phillip Anderson, OSB (Abbot of Clear Creek Monastery); and Dom Alcuin Reid (Monastère Saint-Benoît, Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon, France); among others. See the appendix for a complete list of speakers and topics.
Topics addressed at the conference will range from broad subjects like the relationship between liturgy and culture, Catholic identity, youth, the arts, and Catholic education to specific questions like the mid-20th-century changes to Holy Week and the post-Vatican-II reform of the calendar and lectionary. Lectures will take place at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College (68th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues) which is conveniently located at a subway stop. Continue reading