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While any of the photos and videos below may be freely posted on other blogs and websites, we are only requesting an acknowledgement or credit to be given to the Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco with a link to our website  (




Rorate Caeli Solemn High Mass in the Dominican Rite – celebrated by Fr. Anselm Ramelow, O.P. (December 18, 2013), YouTube video

Solemn High Mass in the Dominican Rite for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – celebrated by Fr. Anselm Ramelow, O.P. (December 8, 2013), Youtube video

Thanksgiving Traditional Latin Mass at Mission San Juan Bautista – celebrated by Fr. Peter Carota (November 28, 2013), Youtube video coming soon!

FSSP 25th Anniversary Pontifical High Mass – celebrated by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (November 15, 2013), Youtube video

Requiem High Mass – celebrated by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes (November 8, 2013)

Requiem Low Mass – celebrated by Canon Olivier Meney (November 7, 2013)

All Souls Day – High Mass (November 2, 2013)

All Saints Day – High Mass (November 1, 2013)

Movie Premiere of Mary of Nazareth at Metreon, San Francisco, CA (October 11, 2013)

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary – Low Mass (October 7, 2013)

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi / First Friday – High Mass (October 4, 2013)

Fr. Mark Mazza’s 33rd Ordination Anniversary Reception (October 2, 2013)

Holy Guardian Angels – Solemn High Mass  / Fr. Mark Mazza’s 33rd Ordination Anniversary (October 2, 2013), Youtube video

St. Michael the Archangel (September 29, 2013), Youtube video

Italian Fundraising Luncheon (September 14, 2013)

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – 1st High Mass (September 14, 2013), Youtube video

16th Sunday after Pentecost – Low Mass (September 8, 2013)

First Friday of September – Low Mass (September 6, 2013), Youtube video

Feast of St. Pius X – Low Mass (September 3, 2013), Youtube video

Solemn High Mass Practice with Abbe Joel Estrada & Abbe Kevin Kerscher

Solemn Pontifical Mass with Archbishop Cordileone at the Napa Institute (August 4, 2013), Youtube video

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Low Mass (July 16, 2013), Youtube video

Feast of the Most Precious Blood Low Mass (July 1, 2013), Youtube video

6th Sunday after Pentecost Low Mass (June 30, 2013)

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus  Low Mass (June 7, 2013)

Corpus Christi – Low Mass (May 30, 2013)

Trinity Sunday Low Mass (May 26, 2013), Youtube Video

Preparatory Meetings (May 7, 14, 21, 2013)

Star of the Sea Church

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