Chaplain’s Corner | 4th Sunday after Easter (April 24, 2016)


The month of May is only one week away and beckons to us to continue our Easter joy with our Blessed Mother. The beautiful Month of Mary brings us into the full bloom of spring and the flowers of springtime. There is something delightfully useless about flowers. They don’t give us any utility for ourselves, but rather serve merely to beautify by sight and smell. Flowers are a wonderful sign of God’s Beauty and Delight.

Yes, May is a month especially for flowers and, most fittingly, especially for honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. The flowers we give to her this month signify the overflowing and effusive nature of our love for her. We adorn her sacred images with flowers not for any utility for ourselves but rather to show her our deep love and honor.

It is a wonderful coincidence that the American Mother’s Day falls in Mary’s month. Everyone has a loving Mother in the Blessed Virgin Mary. No matter what kind of earthly mother one may have had, he can always celebrate Mother’s Day this month by feeling loved and nurtured by his Mother in Heaven. Jesus has given her to us and us to her to share this love, which will lead us to grow into the image of Jesus Himself. Mary forms Jesus in souls. This is her fruitful motherhood. We are overjoyed to receive such love! It calls for flowers!

Therefore, as we prepare for the month of May – Mary’s month – every Catholic takes it upon himself to make plans to honor his heavenly Mother in some special concrete way. We can do the same. We can pick one particular significant act of Marian piety to accomplish during this holy month that belongs to her. Perhaps we will adorn a particularly beloved image of her with flowers. Perhaps we will make a pilgrimage to one of her shrines. Perhaps we will invite a friend to pray the Rosary with us. We will do something this month concretely and joyfully to honor our Blessed Mother.

Father Joseph Previtali

Assistant Chaplain

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