Send us your photos!

It’s summertime, there will be priests wearing their summer cassock…white! Take a photo of them and send it to us so we could post it online. Don’t forget your name, the priest’s name, what parish and city and state in your email. Thanks!

Canon Richard von Menshengen, ICKSP St Gianna Oratory, Tucson AZ Photo credit TLM of SF

Canon Richard von Menshengen, ICKSP
St Gianna Oratory, Tucson AZ
Photo credit TLM of SF

Ascension Thursday

“It has always seemed logical to me that the most holy humanity of Christ should ascend to the glory of the Father. The ascension has always made me very happy. But I think that the sadness that is particular to the day of the ascension is also a proof of the love that we feel for Jesus Christ, our Lord. He is God made man, perfect man, with flesh like ours, with blood like ours in his veins. Yet he leaves us and goes up to heaven. How can we help but miss his presence?”
Christ is Passing By, no. 117


Rogation Wednesday

The Liturgical Year – Paschal Time Vol. III
By: Dom Gueranger Imprimatur 1927

For the third time, holy Church marshals her children in procession, and makes a solemn appeal to the divine mercy. Let us follow her sacred standard, and join her in invoking the intercession of the saints. The Litany, in which we pray to all the choirs of the heavenly Jerusalem, is both a magnificent and a powerful prayer: it is the Church triumphant uniting with the Church militant in praying for the salvation of the world.

O MARY! Mother of God, Virgin of virgins, miracle of divine power, exercise in our favour thy maternal mediation with Him, who, though God, is thy Son!

Michael the invincible, Gabriel, welcome messenger of our salvation, Raphael, affectionate physician of them that are suffering; Angels and Archangels who Continue reading

Back in Tucson!

I’m back in Tucson! It’s 104 degrees today! I attended the Tridentine Mass at the St Gianna Oratory this morning. Later in the afternoon I took Canon von Menshengen, ICKSP to lunch.

I will be attending Mass again on Ascension Thursday at St Gianna Oratory. Planning on taking photos and video recording it.

The photos below are of Canon von Menshengen in his summer cassock…white!

We will probably never see the priests in the San Francisco Bay Area wearing a white cassock let alone a black one…

Email us your photos of your priest wearing their summer cassock. Their name, parish and city…




FSSP Ordinations this Saturday

Dear All,

This Saturday we will be broadcasting the Ordinations live from St. Cecilia’s Cathedral in Omaha.

HIs Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider will be the Celebrant.

Commentary will be made by Rev. Fr. Robert Fromageot FSSP.

This Saturday, May 31st.
10:00 AM Central Time,
11:00 AM Eastern
8:00 AM Pacific

Please spread the word.

God bless you!
Fr Fryar