Lenten Sermons


Lenten Series – Sermons on Confession at St Margaret Mary Church in Oakland, CA  Sundays EF Masses. Given by the Institute of Christ the King, Canon Meney. Sundays 7am and 1230pm.


Lenten Sermons 2015, On Confession


Institution & Necessity of Confession




Quality of a good confession – Humble, Trusting, True

1st Sunday of Lent

Degrees of Sins, -Mortal / Venial

2nd Sunday of Lent

Fruits of Confession

3rd Sunday of Lent

The acts of the penitent, Contrition

4th Sunday of Lent

The acts of the penitent, Confession

5th Sunday of Lent

The act of the penitent, Satisfaction

Palm Sunday

Reading of the Passion (no sermon)

Easter Sunday

The Prodigal Son


2 thoughts on “Lenten Sermons

  1. I hope these sermons will be posted here for those who cannot attend, but would like to read and reflect on such good words and exhortations!

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